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Never Worry About a Texas Health Department X-ray Inspection... Ever Again!

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=RSI= offers the greater Richmond, Texas area quality X-ray Equipment Performance Evaluations (EPEs), calibrations, and corrections. Our documentation review service is a great way to make sure the X-ray related records you are required to maintain are kept complete and up to date. We specialize in preparing X-ray facilities for inspections by the Texas Department of State Health Services (TXDSHS).


We also help facilities which have already been inspected deal with the consequences.


Confidence That Comes From Being 100% Prepared


We attend our clients’ inspections at no charge.


=RSI= clients score 100% (No violation)!

Better X-rays

Less radiation

Lower cost

100% compliance

We are experienced in resolving matters of Escalated Enforcement such as:


• Notices of Violation

• Cease and Decease Orders

• Revocations of Registration

• Notices of Apparent Liability (fines)

• X-Ray Equipment Impound Orders

• Administrative Hearings


=RSI=, a locally-owned and -operated business, can remove the hassles of X-ray regulatory compliance so that you can focus your full attention on caring for your patients and managing your practice. We have years of experience (since 1983) helping others preventing and successfully resolving problems with the Texas Department of State Health Services.

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