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Never Worry About a Texas Health Department X-ray Inspection... Ever Again!

X-ray Consultation

As a chiropractic physician, you need optimum image quality to effectively target the cause of your patients’ pain and discomfort. The experts at =RSI= appreciate the vital role you play in the overall wellness of your patients. We can identify problems in their early stages and ensure that your X-ray equipment performs properly when you need it.

Get Help with Chiropractic Equipment

Our Chiropractic Equipment Services Include:

• X-ray Equipment Performance Evaluation (EPE)

• X-ray related documentation and record keeping

• Digital and film Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA / QC)

• Planning for Installation of new X-ray equipment or relocation of existing X-ray equipment

• Radiation shielding design and testing


Early bird discounts are available – ask an associate for details.

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