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Never Worry About a Texas Health Department X-ray Inspection... Ever Again!

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All patients deserve the very best from their care providers. The team at =RSI= understands the importance of having radiologic equipment that serves your veterinary practice.


Our experienced associates will help you prepare for state inspections by ensuring that your equipment is in optimum working order. If you have had issues on a previous inspection, we can provide a permanent solution. We attend our clients' state health department inspections at no additional charge.

Amazing Veterinary X-ray Equipment Services

Our Veterinary Equipment Services Include:

• X-ray Equipment Performance Evaluation (EPE)

• X-ray related documentation and record keeping

• Digital and film Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA / QC)

• Planning for Installation of new X-ray equipment or relocation of existing X-ray equipment

• Radiation shielding design and testing


Early bird discounts are available – ask an associate for details.