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Never Worry About a Texas Health Department X-ray Inspection... Ever Again!

X-ray Doctors

There is nothing worse as a business owner than having your equipment not pass inspection. We know things can get away from you, and you would never intentionally compromise the safety of your patients or staff.


=RSI= is the Richmond, Texas area’s leading source for comprehensive X-ray and imaging inspection preparation and equipment repair services. We can help no matter what the issue – and our professional staff will gladly be on-site with you for your

future inspections.


Use our convenient Equipment Performance Evaluation check sheet to stay up-to-date with your equipment.

Get Help with Your Equipment Inspection

We can help if you have an inspection coming up, or have received a:

• Notice of violation

• Cease and desist order

• Revocation of registration

• Notice of apparent liability / fine

• X-ray equipment impound order


If you are involved in any form of Escalated Enforcement, call us today so we can help!

Contact =RSI= today at 800-575-9729 for all of your X-ray compliance, inspection help, and quality assurance needs.

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